Sunday, July 25, 2010


We found a place for the kids to play and have fun. It's cheap and close to home. It's called Frances Meadows and the kids love the splash zone! We told them Saturday at 9:30am to get in the car with their pj's on. Jacob was so confused as to why we were leaving the house in our pjs. I had packed a bag with bathing suits and towels. They didn't even see me put the bag in the car. So the entire 20 minute ride they were asking questions. "Where are we going?" "Do we have to get on the interstate?" "Is it outside?" "Is it a family members house, cause we're in our pjs?" And then we pulled up. You could see the waterslides from the parking lot.

And Jacob said "Oh no we have to go back home we don't have bathing suits" I said "No we don't, I brought them with us" So they changed clothes in the van and we were one of the first families there. We had fun for 2 1/2 hrs then we had to MAKE them leave to come home.

This last picture is at bedtime. Jonah was exhausted. They were relaxing watching a movie and Jacob got the empty diaper box and turned it upside down for Jonah to put his cup on and his bowl of dry cheerios. Jacob said "I love this baby!"