Saturday, July 31, 2010

Random Thoughts

Jonah sure does love his daddy!

I printed play money on the computer for the boys. We pretended to be selling toys in the store and they used a toy computer for the register and paid for things with the money.

Jacob told me when he grows up he's gonna have store and eveything will be free. And he said I can come in and get whatever I want.

We put Jonah in underwear today and he pooped in them after only wearing them 10 minutes.

Jaron is going in kindergarten but some days he says he doesn't want to go and other days he can't wait.

Jonah fell off my bed today flat on his face and has a bruise on his top lip and nose.

Jacob has kissed me and said "I love you" atleast 10 times today! :-D

Jaron needs more speech therapy and feeding therapy. We went to Atlanta thursday to see his doctor and I'll post details later on that whole visit.

Jonah has been sleeping in his "big boy bed" now for 3 or 4 nights. He doesn't get out of it yet. He still calls for me in the morning not sure if he's allowed to get down off the bed.

Today the boys got really involved in the leapster and other handheld games they have. It was so cute to watch them sit together and play (without fighting)