Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday Morning

I try to dress the boys in similar colors for church. Jaron used to have a shirt like Jonah's but I can't find it. The laundry is a little overwhelming at times, but that's why I just pile it in their closet and close the door. Out of sight....out of mind. Until Sunday when I'm looking for matching shirts. I am constantly rotating out clothes, winter, summer and the next size up. Jacob is really the only one who needs new clothes and if they don't get stained with chocolate milk, we pass them down to Jaron and if he doesn't cut them with scissors or rip holes in the knees then Jonah gets them next. I just go shopping in our attick when I need the next size for them. That is definately a blessing of having 3 boys. We have shoes everywhere and all sizes and colors. That is one thing they wear out though. We took the first picture and then Jacob said lets make a funny face!
Jaron's sticking his tongue out and if you click on the picture I'm pretty sure it will open up bigger. ENJOY!!!