Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Pregnancy Brains...

I took the boys to the park the other day and they always have fun there but I can't get them to slow down long enough to get a picture. There is train tracks right there at the park so we got to see a HUGE train go by very loud but they loved it! Jaron didn't want me to take the picture so he put his head down.
This is my Nanny...My mother's mother. Jonah has fallen in love with her. He does this every time he sees her and is so shy he can't even talk. He just watches her talk and smiles. He kept reaching for her earrings in the car. We went to mom's for Memorial Day lunch and she rode with us. Jonah mentions Nanny almost every day. It's like he's thinking of her. So Precious.

Well I tried to get another picture of Jaron but he covered his face again. My hair looks awful but oh well. I was playing around with black and white photo editing.
Jonah wore this hat most of the day today. I'm not sure why but he loves it! I got the camera and said "Jonah smile!" he said "CHEESE (flash) let me see" He always has to see the picture after you take it.
So here's one of me and Jonah. Not the best but I also did some color editing just to see if I could make my hair not look ORANGE! What do you think?
Well I titled this pregnancy brain because that's what I have. I want to post every day but can't always remember to. Sometimes I'm too tired to think of anything to type. The other day I actually went to bed without brushing my teeth for the first time in 11 years of marraige. I know it's nasty but that just goes to show you I was exhausted. I realized it when I laid down but was too tired to get back up and do it. So right now as I type, my eyes are closing and I still haven't taken out my contacts or brushed my teeth.....
gotta go!!!