Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Not the Bity...

When Jacob was little and Jaron was just starting to talk, I told them one day about the saying "I love you from the bottom of my heart". I always thought that sounded silly because if you think of the shape of a heart (we draw) its little bity. That's not enough! So I started telling them "I love you, all my heart" and Jaron said one night "not the bity...all of it". So that kinda stuck with us and we always say it every day and it's our little thang. So now I've taught it to Jonah....Every night at bedtime I say to him (after the prayers) "I love you, all my heart" and he says "not the bity....all of it." So precious. I love my boys and if this baby growing inside me is another boy I will be ok with that. God has really blessed us with very smart and handsome children. But if it's a girl.....she might be spoiled. :-D

PS. I'm going tomorrow for a regular check up and will be BEGGING for an ultrasound. I'm not supposed to be getting one and insurance may not even cover it but it can't hurt to ask.