Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's A Boy!!!

Chris and I went yesterday to get another ultrasound at the specialist. They were looking for birth defects and we were hoping for a girl. It didn't take her long to tell us it is definately a boy no question. His lip and nose look perfect and so does the hard palate. She said he was about 8 oz right now.
So everything looked so good that we don't even need to go back for any more ultrasounds. I was glad to hear that. I am a little sad that we aren't having a girl but God knows I probably don't have the patience for a girl and all the drama. I was a tom boy myself. I am very experienced with boys and I am so relieved he doesn't have a cleft. I can breastfeed and I am happy. God gives us what he knows is best for us.

We still haven't picked out a name but we've narrowed it down to a few:
James Andrew
Judah Andrew
Jace Aaron
Josiah Allen

Or something like those. We still have plenty of time to decide. This pregnancy has been different than the others. I haven't really had time to sit and think about it. I'm so busy with my 3 and babysitting all the time I almost forget I'm pregnant. Now that I'm starting to feel him move some it's becoming more of a reality. As I get bigger I am sure I won't forget it. I am taking it with more ease this time. I guess because I've already done this 3 times I know what to expect and I'm not worried or scared. I am relaxed and I don't think about it too much. With Jacob I worried about how I would get him out and watching Discovery Health one night, a lady in labor, I almost passed out. (pregnant with Jacob) And with Jaron all I thought about was his cleft. I worried all the time and wondered how I would feed him. With Jonah I was still busy getting Jaron through therapy and knew Jonah would be fine so I didn't think about it much accept in the end when I was HUGE and miserable.

This baby is different. I feel calm and relaxed without any worries. I am starting to show and I know it will get harder as I get bigger but I hope to control my diet a little better this time. We'll see....