Thursday, June 03, 2010

A fly on the wall...

If you could be a fly on the wall at our house you might hear some silly things like:
"Mommy how do cows sleep?" They close their eyes just like us Jaron.
"Mommy when you drink coke does it splash on the baby's head?" (Jacob)
"No you cannot bring lightning bugs inside....they will be sad....they want to be free outside"
"if you hit your brother with that belt I will spank you with it"
"close your mouth and eat your food" (that's impossible!)
"Mommy is 'flew the coop' a bad word?" (Jaron heard it on Clifford)
"I'm gonna woop oo butt" (Jonah with a belt)
"Spongebob said stupid" (Jaron) "Well we don't repeat everything we hear on tv"
"I can't find Jesus" (Jaron looking at the clouds one day in the car)
"Where da moon?" (Jonah in the car looking out the window)
Jaron kisses my belly and Jonah says "NO MY BABY!"
Jacob said "Mommy I feel sorry for you cause they have to cut your belly to get the baby out"
I told him its ok they'll give me medicine so I won't feel it. (I've never had a c-section for those who don't know this is just easier than explaining a vaginal birth to my 7 yr old. boy)
"Don't leave food on the carpet, it makes ants" (I say this a lot and not sure why it "makes" ants but it does.)
"Get up in the chair and sit down" (kinda confusing)
And with three little boys you will hear me say on a daily basis "Get your hand out of your underwear!"

I have to start writing this stuff down. There are so many more but this pregnancy brain is erasing my memory fast. Goodnight...hitting the pillow early tonight. :-)