Monday, May 03, 2010


Why do I stay up so late even when I know I'll be exhausted the next day?
Why can't I resist those candy bars at the register?
Why do I crave coke? (maybe because I stayed up too late)
Why do I watch tv instead of doing something more productive at night? (sleeping)
Why doesn't time out work for my boys?
Why do I care if the toothbrushes are lined up in "age order"? (obsessive compulsive)
Why did I ever start coloring my hair?
Why does my camera click when I try to make videos?
Why haven't I read the book for my camera? (instead of watching TLC)
Why don't I take more pictures?
Why do people put SO many self portraits on facebook?
Why do women feel the need to show their boobs to the world?
Why did I just type that? :-D kinda annoys me I guess
Why can't I homeschool? I want to but not sure I could keep it all together.
Why haven't you left a comment on my blog? (I know you're out there)
Why am I still typing? goodnight.....zzzzzzzzz