Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sweet Brotherly Love

Jacob has been so sweet lately....he plays with Jonah and loves to make him laugh. He'll say "I just laugh his little voice" and then he'll say things like "I love this baby". He loves to read books to Jonah too.

I'm not even showing yet but Jonah has been doing this a lot lately and saying "Baby belly"

Jaron's ball fell out right as I took the picture....they are so silly!

My boys on Mother's Day. Jacob gave me a flower he planted at school in a cup and Jaron traced his hand on paper and wrote his name for me. Chris made me breakfast and did the nursery at church to give all the moms a break that day.

The boys enjoyed some time outside on the trampoline at my aunts house for Mother's Day

No headache today and I do need to mention for those of you who know me well...you know that I suffer from frequent headaches. But it seems to me since my sinus surgery in Nov. and since I started taking prenatals trying to concieve, my headaches have decreased a lot...I might get 2 a week....Before that I was getting them almost daily. THANK GOD!