Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Well I am obviously getting hormonal...I don't want to do anything...checkbook, laundry, dishes, dinner...nothing....Not sure why only possible cause would be pregnancy hormones. I didn't even want to write this but I am doing it for YOU. I need to go to bed after I brush my teeth but I really don't want to do either of those. I am bored and speechless. I must be going crazy....nope....just pregnant. :-) I love the feeling I get after drinking a only source of caffiene and it's not much but it gives me a boost of energy and I clean a little and get some stuff done. I am thankful for a husband who does laundry almost daily without complaining and never complains about dinner or the lack thereof. Tonight was grilled cheese.

I do have some sad news to report...I looked in Jonah's baby book at my first ultrasounds of him at 13 weeks and 5 days pregnant. That is when they told me it was a boy. I was so curious I also found a website online showing IN DETAILS the fetal genetalia as it changes. Girls and boys look very similar until about 14 weeks. Guess what....I will only be 12 weeks at my ultrasound....I could have sworn I was 12 weeks with Jonah but I was wrong (pregnancy brain). So because of my history they will be looking for a cleft or any other birth defects but it will most likely be too early to tell the gender. I will most likely be scheduled to come back for more ultrasounds about 4 weeks later. MAN...I was so excited but I guess it will be worth it to make sure they are accurate....don't want to be planning for one and get the other ya know.

Seriously....gotta brush my teeth! GOODNIGHT!