Saturday, May 01, 2010

After Dinner...

Well Jaron is usually the last one to finish eating at dinner time. He takes a little longer to chew and swallow his food so he ends up there most nights for about an hour. Jonah has learned to crawl in the bar stools so he wanted to sit with his "bubby". And Jacob saw me grab the camera so he jumped in the picture just in time. They are all bathed and fed.  We had chicken, corn & creamy chicken flavored noodles.
They love to play on the computer at Jacob uses this website at school. Or they also like to go to Jaron has learned to read by doing all of this and with zero effort on my part. There are several shows on PBS teaching them how to sound out words I love it! I can't wait to see how quickly Jonah learns to read. God has blessed us with very smart boys....I must say :-D

PS. How do you like my new pregnancy ticker up top? Would love to hear some comments from all my below to leave some feedback.