Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wet weekend....

Well we had a TON of rain Saturday so the park was out of the question. We stayed inside an watched movies. We had a youth service at church Saturday night and then church this morning. Chris was invited to preach under an old fashioned tent so we went to that service tonight. The boys behaved suprisingly well, it could have been the possibility of getting to play on the playground at the church when the service was over. Jonah was quiet which never happens THANK GOD. We had a little bit of a drive home so they all went straight to bed. Jonah is talking more and I am so glad because I was getting worried there for a little while.

Oh I do have something to write about....Jacob got in trouble at school Friday. This was his first time every going to the principles office. He was on the playground playing and some girls asked him to chase them. Then they told another boy to protect them from Jacob. So the boy twisted Jacob's arm an wouldn't let go so Jacob punched him and then got on top of him and kept punching him. I first read the note in his book from the teacher then asked him to tell me his story. He did and I asked him why didnt' he run from the boy and he said "Mommy I couldn't he wouldn't let go of my arm!" Then I asked him did he feel bad about what he did and he started crying and said "yes but he thinks the girls were trying to get him in trouble". He is not a fighter and even begs Jaron to stop wrestling with him. I am shocked at his behavior but also glad he defended himself. Punishment was 2 days to sit out of recess.

I cannot even begin to imagine what kind of trouble Jaron might get into in kindergarten....he LOVES to wrestle and fight and jump and year should be very interesting...goodnight...I'm tired.