Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weight & Worries

Well I am worried about Jaron's weight because he does NOT like to eat. So I weigh him every day at bedtime. (I know another obsessive compulsive thing that I do) But he has always been between 32-35 lbs. depending on if he's sick or whatever. But the last few days he's been 36 LBS!!! I am so happy my baby is finally gaining weight. He'll be 5 in June and he's so tiny but he does seem to be getting taller. His feet aren't growing that fast though either. I am thankful my children are not obese but I just want him to be normal size. Jonah just turned 2 and he's 31 lbs!!! Won't be long and they'll weigh the same. I am praying for something to change for Jaron. I've talk to so many doctors and therapists and dentists about his eating habits. No one seems to really be able to help me. I am hoping our trip to Boston in June and meeting with the specialists up there might uncover some new information. He's starting kindergarten in August and I am worried he will lose weight because he won't eat as much. It takes him twice as long to eat the same thing as Jacob. Will the battle of the cleft ever end?