Monday, April 12, 2010

Peeing for gum

Well I woke up this morning thinking I need to start potty training Jonah. So he did his usual morning poop and then I put him on some big boy underwear. I told him "no pee pee in the underwear, tell mommy when you have to pee and we'll RUN to the potty" So I took him in there in a few minutes and told him I'd give him gum if he went. He never gets gum so he was VERY excited....oh and I put some cheerios in the toilet to make it fun. He peed in the toilet!!! I could NOT believe it. So of course I gave him some gum and a little later he told me "potty mommy" so we went back and he peed some more so I gave him a little more gum. The a little later he stood right in front of me and peed all OVER himself. I said "OH no Jonah! WHY? you were doing so good!" So it was naptime and I put a diaper on him. We tried underwear again later but he never peed anymore he said "it's stuck". He couldn't get any out so he didn't get any gum....HE WAS NOT HAPPY!!! He pitched many screaming fits and we went back and forth to the bathroom without any success. So we'll try again tomorrow and see what happens. I think I'll get some M&M's they might be safer to swallow.

just a little side note: Jacob came home today with a chapter book and his new homework was to read THREE CHAPTERS EVERY DAY...he's only in first took him 45 min and he was in tears at the end. I will have to email the teacher about this!