Saturday, April 03, 2010

Kids say the funniest things....

I was getting the boys out of the bath the other day and Jaron put both his hands of my face as I was drying him off and said "I love your face". Again tonight in the van I leaned my seat back to reach the boys and Jaron said "I love your beautiful face". If he only knew how much I love his face.

Jacob said to me the other day out of no where...we weren't even talking about babies...he said "You don't need to have any more babies mommy it's too much work". He is so sympathetic to me and he can sense when I'm tired or have a headache. He sometimes gets snacks and a drink for Jonah and give him toys if he sees me laying on the couch not feeling good. He just knows me and wants to make things easier. I love my sensitive, gentle son.

Jonah will be 2 years old tomorrow. I cannot believe it! Time is going too fast...I nursed him for 11 months and now he is so big I can barely hold him anymore. 30lbs. of pure love. Every time we leave our house and he sees the cows at the end of our road he says "moo tow" and no matter how many times you ask him "Do you love me?" He always answers with "Uh Huh I do". His vocabulary is expanding finally. He sings the ABC's and counts to 10. He sings twinkle twinkle and most of the gospel music we play in the car. I told him tonight that tomorrow is his birthday and he said "two years old". I love my chunky little man.