Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hats & Homework

Well I didn't get to go to church tonight because I was babysitting but Jacob went with Daddy and he looked so handsome I just had to get a picture.

UPDATE: I emailed his teacher about the 3 chapters she wants him to read each night....she said he is very smart (he is always above grade level in reading on his report cards) and she thought he could do it faster than 45 minutes. She said it was okay to only do 2 chapters if we wanted. But I tried going in the bedroom with him last night and we laid on my bed in the quiet away from his brothers and he read 3 chapters again without stopping and it took him 45 minutes again. So tonight we only made him do 2 chapters. He loses interests and fidgets a lot. Before this week his homework was to read 10 minutes per night. Not sure why she increased it so much? Atleast she was nice about it...

Jonah got Daddy's hat this morning and it was so cute watching him with it on....he knew he looked cool...he just looked at us and smiled....oh and he loves those tiny boxes of raisins too!