Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Guess WHAT!?!?!

We are having another baby! We were trying and we hope God gives us a baby girl. Of course if it's a boy we'll be happy too. I am about 8 weeks right now. I go for my first doctor visit Thursday. I am pretty sure they will schedule me for an ultrasound near the end of May. We need to check for a cleft lip since Jaron had one. There's only a 5% chance. I really hope we can see the gender of the baby then. I am not having any symptoms really. The boys are very excited!

Jacob had pictures made at school and they are adorable.

And before I forget I have to tell this story. At school Jacob gets rewarded if he goes 20 days straight without getting in trouble. He did it last week he got to pick a prize from the prize box and he came home with a bracelet for me. I cried. I can't believe my little boy picked something for me instead of himself. He is so sweet.

Jaron loves Woody from the Toy Story movie. I went in their room the other day and found him like this. I guess he's in trouble not sure why he did this. But I thought it was funny!

Good night I'm sleepy and now you know why. :-D