Thursday, April 01, 2010

Fish Sticks, Homework & Kindergarten

Well I took Jaron to school today to register for kindergarten. We had to wait until 4pm so we talked about it all day and watched the clock a LOT! He was so excited! (not me~very nervous he might not eat and lose weight) But we got a folder with some papers and we got home and he showed everyone his "homework". I think he would have slept with this folder if I let him.

And Jonah is going to be 2 on Sunday so I let him wear these underwear for a little bit today and he loved it!

Then it was time to eat and yes we had fishsticks (I don't cook a full meal very often)....HE LOVES THEM!

Meanwhile Jacob was still at the counter pouting because "Homework is boring" He sat there an hour I think and it usually only takes him 30 minutes. Some days he comes right off the bus and does it before even taking his clothes off. I guess he just wasn't in the mood today. So I wanted to capture his face and he decided to be silly....

It's really never a dull moment around here....