Sunday, April 18, 2010

Daddy's Boys

Well we got the boys all dressed for church and I HAD to get a picture of my 4 handsome men. Jacob of course was miserable because I made him wear a tie. I took two pictures and he didn't smile for either one. He's not choking I always make sure I can fit 2 fingers in the top of his shirt. To tell you the truth I think he is embarrassed by all the attention he gets with it on. So many people at church comment on how handsome they look when we dress them up. Jaron loves it and so does Jonah. Jacob is just getting more aware of his appearance lately. He tells me how to cut his hair and he must pick out his school clothes. I can't imagine if I had a 3 girls how getting ready for church might be. :-D

And I got this other picture of Jaron and Chris...he said "same white shirt daddy" He loves dressing up like daddy...