Friday, April 02, 2010

Confessions of a busy mom

I'll have to admit I have fed my boys cereal for dinner.....
I have kicked toys under the coffee table if I didn't want to bend over and pick them up...
I also let them watch too much tv.
I don't cook enough meals and we never eat at the table together.
My bathroom needs to be cleaned RIGHT NOW but I'm blogging instead
I do sometimes eat chocolate at night when they are all asleep and it feels like I'm sneaking :-D
I have made the older boys give their toy to the baby just to make him stop crying instead of being fair.
I frequently clean the livingroom by kicking everything into their room in a corner.
I have put toys in a garbage bag and threatened to take them to the dump
I usually eat any chocolate they are given from church or school....(I tell them it's for adults)
I have thrown away small toys without their knowledge (choking hazards) and when they ask about them I say "I don't know where that is"
And last but not least.....I stay up way too late and I'm sleepy all day because of it.
SO I'm going to bed RIGHT NOW!!!