Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Turning Point....

Well I have been blogging about Jaron on here since I was pregnant with him. And because he had his own blog I felt like it was only fair to create one for Jacob and Jonah too. Well I am tired of posting to 3 different blogs. :-D I have decided to put Jaron's "Cleft" behind us and use this blog for the whole family and to tell about our lives. I am using the same web address so I could keep all Jaron's post in the archives. And I merged all the posts from Jonah & Jacob's blogs onto this one. The video I made of his 1st year is at the bottom of this page too. I just think I need to move on and stop focusing on all that. I know my blog has helped so many on their journey because I have gotten tons of emails from new/pregnant moms asking for help. All the links will still be on the sidebar. I feel like I have gotten so wrapped up in reading other blogs that I have neglected my own. It has become annoying to post to 3 different ones and mine needed a facelift.

So after hours of searching online for a good background.....and I mean HOURS. I finally settled with this one. I am not lovin' this blue background but it will do for now until I can find something I really love. Anyway, this is it the new Cote Family blog. We will no longer just focus on Jaron and his issues. We are whole family and I don't want to single him out. He needs to feel like he's part of us. I know you are thinking "Does he actually read the blog" well no he doesn't but this is my way of reprogramming my mind for all areas of our life. He still doesn't eat good and I feel like we focus too much on the negative things. Jaron needs to feel "normal". He's going to kindergarten next year (and I'm scared to death)!!! If you have any suggestions for new decorations or another website I could find a better background please feel free to chime in. Thanks to everyone who has been reading our story.