Saturday, November 14, 2009

Playing with his food...

Jonah still loves to eat but he thought it was fun playing with the crust to his bread
Just woke up can you tell?

So cute....he has learned to stop and smile for the picture now instead of running away.
He has learned to say "choo choo". Oh and he got another ear infection so we decided to put tubes in his ears. Wed. 18th he will be getting them put in. We are hoping it will help him hear better when all the fluid drained so maybe he will start talking.

Self Awareness

Jacob is growing so fast. I can barely pick him up anymore. He's becoming increasingly aware of his appearance and wants to put gel in his hair to make it stick straight up.
Jacob thought it was cool that he could make a cap eraser suction to his chin. He did it for hours and this is what it did to his chin....(HICKEY)

He thought it was funny. Oh and he told me a boy at school said he has "buck teeth". I tried to explain to him they just look bigger because all his other teeth are baby teeth. Why do kids have to be so cruel?

Jacob drew these letters and numbers on his marker board in his room and I thought it was hilarious! DANGER DO NOT ERASE!!!

Jacob was happy he didn't have to wear a tie this time!

Mommy's Helper

Jaron has learned how to undress his brother. It is so cute to watch. First he does the shirt and all the buttons by himself.

Next was the socks and shoes...

Then he laid him down to take off his pants....not sure why I didn't think to make a video???
Ok the pants are off!!! Wa LA!!! We were laughing so hard because he did it without anyone asking him to and Jonah just let him without a fight. It was precious to watch.

And here they are all dressed for church...As you can tell Jacob does NOT like to wear this suit....
Oh forgot to post about his teeth...since I let them fill his top tooth that day he has been complaining of his teeth hurting several times a day so I took him back and let them remove his two top teeth. It was hard and I almost cried thinking about it. He just got a laughing gas and novicaine. They said he didn't even cry. I am so proud of him. It doesn't seem to have helped his eating though. He still comes home from school with lunch packed in his cheeks and I am very discouraged .....not sure what to do. I have stopped SQUIRTING the pediasures in his mouth and stopped spoon feeding him. I have to break myself. I am an enabler. BUT he's lost 2 pounds....NOT GOOD!!!! My little boy is shrinking and my heart breaks for him.