Friday, October 16, 2009


So handsome but can't be still for a picture.
Um excuse me mom but why did you put these suspenders on me with my PJ's???

He loves mickey mouse....just laying down hugging him in the middle of the kitchen floor...

They just got out of the bath and I walked in and found them like this. Jaron said he was getting that thing off Jonah's finger...He laid perfectly still and let him too.

This is what happens when you eat a blue bank sucker...
Oh by the way he has finally started saying mama when he sees my picture and sometimes when I ask him "who am I?" and he tries to say baby too. I think since I've started babysitting other babies his age he has learned to say some words from them. He also says "mooooo" when you ask him what's a cow say. And he says "ruff ruff" for a dog.
I took him to the ENT and they tested his hearing with 3 diff instruments and said he can hear fine so that's not the problem he just isn't ready to talk yet. I am kinda concerned but not sure I want to start speech therapy yet.

I was tickling Jonah in the van the other night and just had to capture the moment....He was so sleepy...and delirious!