Monday, September 14, 2009

Seven Years Old!

I can't believe he's already 7. I decorated the night before with lots of balloons tacked to the ceiling in the living room and streamers in the kitchen. When he got up to pee in the middle of the night he said "mommy I'M SEVEN" it was so cute because with his eyes squinting and half asleep he still saw the decorations and realized it was his birthday. He said several times that day "I can't believe I'm seven Mommy" It was so adorable. He's 4ft. 1 in. And in the 95% for his age. How will I discipline him when he's taller than me? I am only 5'1" so it won't be long. Well Jacob was born on my mom's birthday so they came over and we had pizza and cake that day.
Jacob has grown up so fast and he's so smart. He can read and tie his shoes and he loves to help mommy with Jonah when he's crying or with the other babies I keep. He's gonna make a good husband one day. I am so sad to think of him grown but I feel honored that God would allow me to be a mother. I try to raise my boys to know the Lord. We teach them what the Bible says about how we should live our lives. Jacob took it upon himself to give $2 of his birthday money for offering sunday and he requested prayer by raising his hand "Pray for more people to get saved". He's so sensitive and sweet. I can't imagine the day he's too embarrassed to hug me or tell me he loves me in front of others.