Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dental Issues

Well the boys went for their cleaning at the Fun Dentist again. Jaron's two front teeth have more decay. He has already had them filled once and now they are suggesting we just pull them. They are very thin teeth and fragile so trying to "Rebuild" them would be very difficult. I consulted his doctors in Boston and they suggested trying to rebuild it if possible but if the decay has progressed to infection then we need to pull them. Infection in teeth cannot be helped by antibiotics and it will spread to other teeth. Jaron's teeth aren't infected~yet so I think I am going to call them in the morning to and ask them to try and rebuild it. It might break off and not work but we atleast need to try. The dentist in Boston said that pulling teeth this early could mean bone loss but if it has to be done then do it.

Here's a close up of his teeth. He is missing the to incisors beside his front teeth. I guess they'll never be there not really sure. His top teeth are very sensitive and he does NOT like having his teeth brushed. We have started a more agressive approach for his oral hygiene, incorporating floss and flouride mouth was to his daily routine. He does not like it but it has to be done.

They love playing with the moon sand.
Jaron loves school and still goes every day. He has good days and bad. I am trying not to stress about it. Sometimes he will not eat ANYTHING for 6 hours while he's there and other days he will eat everything they offer, lunch and snack. So they reward him and so do I when he has a good day. I still give him 3 pediasures daily to make sure he's getting proper nutrition.