Monday, August 31, 2009

Silly summer days

The boys were doing headstands
Nothing like a blowpop...too bad none of them could finish them. My boys aren't very fond of candy. I don't give it to them much so they don't want a lot of it.

They love to wear this raincoat...I think he looks like a duck QUACK QUACK!
Jaron has been in Pre-K 3 weeks and he lost 1lb. in the first week there. I am getting very discouraged. He ate a whole pamento cheese sandwich one day and another day he did not eat any of his pizza. Today they had chicken nuggets and he didn't eat anything. I am continuing to give him 3 pediasures daily but I can't get him to gain any weight.
I am so torn on what to do for him. Keep him in pre-k or take him out so I can feed him at home more often and make sure he gets enough to gain some weight. My little boy is so skinny and it worries me...