Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer fun!

Jacob loves to ride his scooter....he could do this one hundred times a day and never get bored. He's growing so fast. He's already 4 feet tall. One more foot and he'll be as tall as mommy. Oh my! I asked what happens when he's taller than me and I want a hug? And he said "Mommy I'll still hug you and love you" that's my sweet little charmer.


He's wearing size 2 underwear over his diaper...couldn't resist trying them on. I knew they would be too little on that big butt. Monchongo....means "big strong boy" in spanish and last time we went to FL my grandpa was calling him that. He's spanish.
Jonah still doesn't say mama even though I try DAILY to teach him. Maybe I'm trying too hard. He's starting to climb on things now but can't figure out how to get down so he cries for help. He bit a hole in his tongue sunday because he fell off something. Oh and to my next point, he's getting more teeth finally...all over his mouth.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Big Strong Muscles!

Jaron decide sunday at church he wanted to be like the "BIG" boys in his sunday school and eat white powdered donuts. GUESS what....He ate ALL 4 of them!!! I almost cried when the teacher told me. So we took some home that day and he ate 4 more. So I bought some at the store and he'll be eating them every day now. He loves them. He's learning to step outside his comfort zone and try new foods. He told his teacher he's gonna get "Big strong muscles"
And here they are.....they love to show their muscles in their "Muscle shirts"

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ahh waffle fries!

my silly little boy..I finally cut the little curls he had in the back...he looks like such a little gentleman now...he's cutting more teeth every day it seems like. He laughs a lot and tries so hard to talk to us but hasn't said much more than ball and dada
Not feelin the hat mom

O yeah lovin the waffle fries!

Keep 'em coming..

He climbed up in that slide all by himself....1st time climbing on anything really... GREAT!

Fireworks and silly faces...

Jacob loves sparklers!!!
And I can't seem to get a normal picture of him anymore...he always makes silly faces now....

They loved these hats....Jacob called them Chef hats...

Notice the fudge brownie samples on the counter behind Jaron....my kids don't even ask for them...I've always told them chocolate and coke is for adults. :-)

Eat more chicken

1st time holding a sparkler....after it went out he dropped it and went to pick it up and guess what...he grabbed the wrong end and burnt his pinky finger....


Went to chic fil A today and they got hats...Jaron loved it....he calls it "eat more chicken" not chic fil a. "Mommy I want to go to eat more chicken"....I said are you gonna eat some chicken and he said NO.

They just like to play on the play ground...

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My handsome little man

We ran into our cousin at Monkey Joes and her and Jacob played together the whole time.

Big Belly Boy

Playing with the icing he found in the cabinet...Look at that BELLY!!!

Playing with the bubble mower

The last two pictures are at Monkey Joes in the baby section. He LOVED it!!!

Happy 4th Birthday

Well my baby is 4 years old....He's not little anymore. He does not want me to call him my baby anymore. He has been going to pre-K 1 day a week to hold a spot for the school year. He will start in August full time. This was a big step for him because he doesn't eat like normal children. He holds everything in his mouth and takes one hour to eat a sandwich (just an example) He has a very sensitive gag reflex and because he puked so much as a baby eating is not a fun experience for him. He didn't even eat one bite of birthday cake. It brings him to tears if we try to get him to taste anything new. So I said all that to say this. He ate PIZZA at school yesterday. I almost cried when the teacher told me. I had to get a doctors note stating he has oral aversions so he could bring his own lunch. So I sent a banana for breakfast ( he eats them every day at home) and he ate all of it and they offered him so fruit cocktail and he ate it!!! He's never even tasted fruit cocktail. I am amazed. I think it's because he's sitting at a table with all the other kids eating and he just did it! Then for lunch I sent poptarts but she offered him pizza like the other children and he ate it, WITH HIS HANDS! He hates getting his hands sticky or messy. I can't believe he ate it. PRAISE THE LORD! So next Tuesday when he goes I will send his food but I won't tell him it's there and I told her to offer him what everyone else is eating and see what he does. I was so nervous about sending him and praying he wouldn't loose weight. But he proved me wrong. He is growing up and hopefully gonna start eating "normal" very soon.

I took the boys to Monkey Joes for his birthday. THEY LOVED IT! I got a few pictures on my cell phone so they aren't great but I forgot my camera.