Monday, June 22, 2009

1st day at Pre-K

Jaron went to Pre-K last Tuesday for the first time ever. The teacher said he did Excellent! She said she never would have guessed that he'd never been before. He behaved well and she also said she had no problem understanding his speech. THANK GOD. We are done with that. He loved it! He felt so big and proud of himself. It was really precious.

Trying on Jacob shorts.... and showing off his big train tracks.

Playing in the box with Jonah....silly boys.

Mohawk & Football...Growing up fast!

He wanted to try on Jacob's shorts.
Just being silly with his hair...

He walked around with George like this for about 30 minutes. Don't think he realized his shirt had Curious George on it too. So sweet...

He was so cool walking around like this. He would just look at us and smile.

He loved to throw the ball in the kitchen...I'm sure he'll make the team one day, at the rate he's growing.

A rare moment...

They were all sitting playing together....that doesn't happen much so I had to capture the moment. Jacob is so excited to start 1st grade.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer sillies

cool new shades...didn't last 5 days...what was I thinking buying the ones with the wire arms...the plastic ones are much more durable.
loving the pool!!!

jaron put two basketballs in his shirt and said he had big muscles, so Jacob put a football in his shirt....what do you think it looks like? :-)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Beach and Our Pool

Here are some more pictures from our vacation. Jaron loved the sand but hated the ocean...He was terrified. He said "No mommy, wait til I get bigger"
Digging away not sure where to start on a sand castle.

The sun is too bright....we covered them in sunblock so no one got burned but we forgot hats or sunglasses.

Riding in the car back to the condo from the beach...happy to be out of the sun

The kids play area at our condo....They had so much fun!

Do you love that face!? We do....this is the best picture of him smiling so cute.

He loved the pool...not scared at all...just got right in. Since we have been home. Jaron wears his Mickey hat almost every day and he asks me every day if we can go to Disney or can we go to the condo. When we walked in the door to the condo the first night, he said "this is AMAZING" His vocabulary has expanded so much and he is articulating his words so much more. Everyone that talks to him tells me how well they can understand him.

Jonah's first vacation

He loves the sand and splashing in that bucket
Riding in the car on the way home from the beach

He did not like this hat

Jonah loved the pool too!

This is what the heat did to him at Disney...He slept 2 out of the 6 hours we were there.

We saw Baloo the bear from Jungle Book

And Mary Poppins
And Wendy & Peter Pan

Pooped after a long day

Lovin some cheetos at the condo

Kindergarten Graduation & Disney

Playing in the sand
Loving the pool...his favorite part of our vacationsplashing in our little pool at home.

After a long day at disney this is the best smile he could give me.

Tigger!!! Pooh was basically running couldn't get a picture of him

Mickey Mouse and Donald
On the ferry on the way to Magic Kingdom and he was already hot and tired and ready to go home.

In the condo make a mess with a blue push up sucker.

now his whole face is blue!

Ms. Jennifer his teacher at school

Mrs. Hursey his other teacher at school

My little graduate

Coming out of the gym

Going into the gym for the graduation ceremony.