Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Very Sick....

Well Jonah got a virus the same time as Jaron and has been running a fever of 101-103 for 7 days. He cannot breath out of his nose still but today was he first day he did not have a fever all day. THANK GOD. It has been hard cause he didn't want anyone to hold him accept me and he is still very heavy so my back took the worst of it. Not to mention the lack of sleep. Poor Baby didn't even want to eat most of the time. He just drank water and gatorade. This is a picture I got of him holding his bottle so cute with the pinky stuck out. I know I need to brake the bottle...
And here he is praising the Lord. We taught all our boys this at a young age, I think it's very important and no one is too young. He does it every time. So adorable.

This was taken before he got sick...haven't had a smile like that in days.

So precious....and loves his blanket...I mean hugs it and smiles when you give it to him.

Well this last picture is of something Jonah swallowed. Not the dime, that piece in the middle. It came off the top of that car somehow and he choked on it. I put the dime there to show how big it is. And it's metal so it has very sharp edges. I have thrown away all the small toys or anything he could choke on and I went out of the room for one second. I came back and looked at Jonah and he was gagging...and blood was coming out...a little mixed with puke kinda....So I paniced and ran in and woke up Chris. He got Jonah and I called 911 and Chris put his finger down his throat and got the metal thing out. I couldn't believe it. Jonah was gagging and crying and the ambulance wasn't here yet. But when they got here they looked in his throat and saw a small scratch. No more blood coming out and he drank a bottle of milk right in front of them. So that was the first time I ever had to call 911 and the worst scare I ever had with one of my children.

This was yesterday when Jonah was a little medicated and the most active he had been in 6 days.