Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Playing with Daddy's guitar...
HOLY COW he can touch his nose with his tongue!!!

Jaron has always been a lover of music and he discovered Daddy's MP3 player a couple of weeks ago and loves it! He walks around the house listening to all our gospel music we downloaded onto it. His name actually means "He will sing". (and he does)

Well my boys have been so sick this last week or so. It started with Jacob getting strep throat and then Jaron and Jonah started running fevers so we thought they had it too. Come to find out it was just a virus and nothing we could do for it. They both went 7 DAYS with 101-102 fevers and coughing/puking and diahrea. There wasn't much sleeping going on for me at night. But today is the first day without fevers. Jaron hasn't had any cough meds today and he has actually eaten some food today too. So I think we are done with the virus. THANK GOD. That was the hardest 7 days of my life!!!