Thursday, April 23, 2009



We got his pictures made for his birthday and I am just now getting them on here...better late than never.
Chillin in the cars movie chair. He is teething and the only way to keep him happy is motrin every 4 hours...He is cutting some big teeth on the bottom on the sides. His gums are HUGE!!! I hope they come in soon so I can have my happy baby back. Jonah is making some new sounds and they are so cute. I will try to get them on video soon and put it on here.


The boys were finger painting the other day and I got a quick picture.
This is Jaron's newest fad. He wears these everyday now and sometimes puts on the skates too!

So Handsome

Jacob had his picture made at school and how could I resist buying this picture package. He smiled so good, not a goofy smile, not being silly, just a cute smile. I love this boy. He is growing up so fast. I was feeling sick the other day and he told me he would take care of me. I was sitting in the floor and he got a pillow and told me to lay down. "This is what we're gonna do Mommy" Then he covered me up with a blanket and starting brushing my hair (MY FAVORITE). Such a little gentleman.

Friday, April 10, 2009


my sleepy little boys...And the video is Jaron playing hopscotch yesterday outside. He is so cute when he jumps on the squares so I had to share with you.

We had some nice weather yesterday so the boys played outside for a couple hours.

Jacob drew this the other day without even looking at the map. He remembered the location and most of the spelling of the continents. He is so smart. I thought I should share it with you.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Happy Birthday

"It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To"

He is sick right now and not feeling up to a big party so I just made a cake here at home and we sang to him. I set a peice of cake in front of him but he was not very interested. He cried when I rubbed chocolate icing on his mouth. I took him to the Quick Care instead of church today because he woke us up at 4am wheezing and coughing. He has an upper respitory infection and she prescribed breathing treatments at night and antibiotics. Oh and he weighed 26 lbs. 10 oz fully clothed.

Here is a video below of him walking a little. This is the most he has ever done without falling. He does it a lot all day but can't seem to walk more than 15 or 20 steps then he falls down. Won't be long and he'll be running I am sure.