Sunday, March 29, 2009


This is what we do on a daily basis at our house. He loves to "do superman!" Notice the gloves...he loves wearing them DAILY for no apprent reason just needs gloves.
This was his prize when he went to the Fun dentist! Yep that's right I take Jacob to a children's dentist here locally and I am so happy with how they run things. He goes back by himself and comes out smiling! Jaron has always went to the craniofacial center in atlanta. It was not a pleasant experience TO SAY THE LEAST! I mean 4 adults (including ME) holding him down and still can't keep him still for a simple cleaning. No toys in the room. No paitings or TV's on the ceilings. No balloons. (all of which the fun dentist has) When we left there I always wondered if they actually got anything clean. And he would be sweating bullets and wore slap out from the fit he pitched. It was like torture. So I asked them if he would be ok to see a regular dentist for cleanings only and they said no he needs to see them.
Well that wasn't good enough for me. A cleaning is just a cleaning. He is missing 2 teeth and the ones he does have are just in a different location. How hard can it be?!?!?!? So I talked to the ladies at the fun dentist and they said they do cleft kids all the time NO Problem. So I made him an appointment. I talked it up for 4 days and we even pretended to play dentist here at home with each other so when the day came he was begging me to go. He had been with Jacob before but never in the back only in the fun waiting room with a giant screen tv and video games. So we went last week and he did AWESOME! Went back all by himself. I forewarned them of his previous experiences. He was back there ONE HOUR!!! My nerves were shot! They came and got me when he was done and he was smiling. I could not believe it. He did not even cry. They did not have to hold his hand or anything. They even got Xrays which atlanta never attempted when he was awake. Unfortunately he does have 3 cavities on his top teeth and they need to be filled. They already filled 2 in atlanta before UNDER ANESTHESIA! Not at the fun dentist...he won't even need novicane. They might use laughing gas if he needs it but we'll see. He is excited to go back and I am so glad we made the switch.