Sunday, March 29, 2009

Silly Boy

He borrowed Jaron's glasses....
Couldn't resist this sucker at a birthday party we went to. He never even bit it....couldn't handle it....he kept dropping it because it was so heavy.

Jacob loves popcorn. This picture was taken the day before he came home with strep throat. The school nurse called me and said he was running a 102 fever and complaining of throat pain. So I made him an appointment and he was positive for strep so he got antibiotics and stayed home for 2 days until syptoms were gone. Poor guys could barely walk that day I picked him up at school. But he's over it now and we are hoping he doesn't get sick anymore. Seems like he is catching everything he comes across and bringing it home to all of us.....


Look at his face. I am speechless....what do you say to face that adorable? Every where I go people stop me and tell me how beautiful he is. I am not sure if I mentioned it on here before but we took him to a modeling agency in Atlanta. They wanted him but they wanted me to take a class for $115 to learn about modeling. We do not have that kind of money to spend on something that uncertain. They said modeling is like real estate. They put him out there and when clients come by looking for a baby they browse their book and pick one they like. So there is no telling. I just feel like I need to do something with him though he is so handsome to just sit here. I sent his picture to regis and kelly for their show recently and he didn't get picked so maybe I'm wrong... Just click on the picture to enlarge it for your enjoyment....I can't get enough of him....Not walking yet...I'll post a video when he does...


This is what we do on a daily basis at our house. He loves to "do superman!" Notice the gloves...he loves wearing them DAILY for no apprent reason just needs gloves.
This was his prize when he went to the Fun dentist! Yep that's right I take Jacob to a children's dentist here locally and I am so happy with how they run things. He goes back by himself and comes out smiling! Jaron has always went to the craniofacial center in atlanta. It was not a pleasant experience TO SAY THE LEAST! I mean 4 adults (including ME) holding him down and still can't keep him still for a simple cleaning. No toys in the room. No paitings or TV's on the ceilings. No balloons. (all of which the fun dentist has) When we left there I always wondered if they actually got anything clean. And he would be sweating bullets and wore slap out from the fit he pitched. It was like torture. So I asked them if he would be ok to see a regular dentist for cleanings only and they said no he needs to see them.
Well that wasn't good enough for me. A cleaning is just a cleaning. He is missing 2 teeth and the ones he does have are just in a different location. How hard can it be?!?!?!? So I talked to the ladies at the fun dentist and they said they do cleft kids all the time NO Problem. So I made him an appointment. I talked it up for 4 days and we even pretended to play dentist here at home with each other so when the day came he was begging me to go. He had been with Jacob before but never in the back only in the fun waiting room with a giant screen tv and video games. So we went last week and he did AWESOME! Went back all by himself. I forewarned them of his previous experiences. He was back there ONE HOUR!!! My nerves were shot! They came and got me when he was done and he was smiling. I could not believe it. He did not even cry. They did not have to hold his hand or anything. They even got Xrays which atlanta never attempted when he was awake. Unfortunately he does have 3 cavities on his top teeth and they need to be filled. They already filled 2 in atlanta before UNDER ANESTHESIA! Not at the fun dentist...he won't even need novicane. They might use laughing gas if he needs it but we'll see. He is excited to go back and I am so glad we made the switch.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Growing up!

Well Jacob has gotten so big. Chris and I were just talking the other day about how big he is and we can't believe how time flys! I am so thankful he sleeps through the night unlike my other two children. Jacob is so smart and comes home every day with new things to tell us he learned at school. He is wearing a new suit for church in this picture. And Jaron said "Mommy I need a tie!" Boys are fun!!!

11 months old!!!

Well I was able to give Jonah my breastmilk for 11 months. My supply started getting low and I decided it was time to stop pumping. He has obviously gotten more than enough. So we said good bye to the pump. Jonah's lifeline. It was much appreciated and such a blessing. It was not easy pumping every 3 hours for 11 months but I did it. Some never make it that far. So despite the critics and the negative comments I think I did a GREAT job! God gave a mother milk to provide for her children and that is the best thing you can do for your child. One day Jonah will thank me for it. He will be healthier and smarter because I put forth a little extra effort. It was so worth it and I would do it again. He is on formula until he turns one in a few weeks and seems to be adjusting fine. He is also up to the #2 foods 3 times per day as well. And he weighed 25 lbs. 4oz at the doctor the other day.

Singing the ABC's

Jaron was watching TV and fell asleep. How sweet...
He wanted to help mommy clean so he thought he needed to "Clean the world".