Monday, February 02, 2009

Learning to Drive

HE LOVES BATHS!!! We can't keep him out of the bathroom. He crawls down the hall 100 times a day and we have to close the door and then he just cries.
He was taking his first driving lesson in the car at CVS...Don't worry he was wearing his seatbelt.

SQUASH!!! kinda like face paint...

Learning to "balance" that's what I say and he does it so good for almost one minute before falling...It's so cute because he knows he's doing something big he just grins...

So sleepy and wishing I would put him to bed...I was pumping and wanting him to stay awake a little longer so MAYBE he would sleep better that night....notice I said maybe....He has only slept 7 straight hours one night so far and when I woke up my milk jugs were FULL!!!! I was so thankful for the sleep but I practically RAN to my pump!!!