Friday, February 27, 2009

10 months

Learning to walk!

Being silly!

Ready for summer!

They went in their drawers and got out the bathing suits. It is 30 degrees outside and they are ready to swim!

Jacob is doing good in school with only a few mishaps here and there. Nothing to speak of. He loves going every day and is learning so much. He counted to 100 the other night!!! He is also reading very well.

All Smiles!

Well Jaron is doing a lot better on speech. He has learned to make all his sounds correct and now all we have left to do it fix the nasality in his voice. He talks through his nose a lot. When we are out in public people say his voice is so cute. Well that is not what we want "mousy whine". He is doing flash cards with daddy learning to "talk like a man". Maybe one day we'll be done with therapy. I just want him to be normal. In the picture above he was eating a huge sucker and had the powder around his mouth.

Monday, February 02, 2009

So Sweet...

Jacob had a stomach ache so we went to the doctor instead of church this sunday. And here we are in CVS picking up his medicine. Guess it was just a bug no vomiting just hurting...He didn't want to walk so he just rode with Jonah.
This was right after a bath. Jacob does this a lot. He is very loving toward Jonah. He likes to pick him up under his arms and "teach him to walk".
Lately Jacob has been saying a things to me that are so sweet. He asked for something to drink this weekend when he was laying on the couch with the stomach ache and I brought him some Gatorade. He said "you're such a good mommy".
And the other day he was eating popcorn and he said "Mommy (chewing) mommy, this guy right here (pointing to Orville Redenbacher) he makes the best popcorn". I died laughing...
He still loves school and is doing good. He never has to turn his card for bad behavoir and his report cards all look good. Oh that reminds me he also said when his bus goes by the CVS (close to home) it makes him think of me. And he told me he sits with a 5th grade girl on the bus. He likes those older women...

Learning to Drive

HE LOVES BATHS!!! We can't keep him out of the bathroom. He crawls down the hall 100 times a day and we have to close the door and then he just cries.
He was taking his first driving lesson in the car at CVS...Don't worry he was wearing his seatbelt.

SQUASH!!! kinda like face paint...

Learning to "balance" that's what I say and he does it so good for almost one minute before falling...It's so cute because he knows he's doing something big he just grins...

So sleepy and wishing I would put him to bed...I was pumping and wanting him to stay awake a little longer so MAYBE he would sleep better that night....notice I said maybe....He has only slept 7 straight hours one night so far and when I woke up my milk jugs were FULL!!!! I was so thankful for the sleep but I practically RAN to my pump!!!

Growing boys...

Look at them all lined up. Jonah is learning to stand on his own and Jaron weighs only 6 pounds more than him. I wish he would eat better so Jonah won't outgrow him.
He always makes that silly face.

Now that is the cute smile I like to see...Jaron....well all three of them really but atleast Jaron isn't being silly he's actually smiling...

We went to Toys R Us to return something and they had this ride outside the store....He LOVED it!!!