Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our trip to Boston

Some online friends we finally got to meet in person
These next few pictures are in the airport playground

Overall it was good news! First of all we didn't get much sleep because Jaron was stuffy and coughing all night before we went. We made it to the airport in plenty of time and got to our gate and the plane coming in was delayed so it made us delayed a few minutes. Then we all boarded the plane and they said there was mechanical problems and that was not very comforting. We finally took off at 11 and landed at 1:30 so that didn't give us much time to get to his 2:00 appointment. We took a cab real quick and just barely made it. We went to the basement first to get pictures made then back up to the clinic floor to wait for the doctors to call him back. We met with some friends we have been talking to online. And we met some new kids too. We saw the dentist first and Jaron was not very cooperative. They wanted to look at his top teeth with a flashlight and he screamed! He did say that Jaron is missing 3 teeth and has a 7mm underbite. The plan is to keep his teeth clean for now and wait for the baby teeth to fall out and when he gets his adult teeth then he will need the next surgery. They said around age 7 or 8 he will need some bone taken from his hip and put in his gums and possibly some cartlidge taken from his hip and put in his lip. And he may also get a palate expander. Then age 17 they can do a final nose revision and jaw distraction. Dr. Mulliken said "I won't lie his nose is getting a little blunt tip" But it's to be expected. He doesn't think the nostrils will widen though and he was very happy with Jaron's lip scars. He pointed out to a lady training under him from Germany that Jaron has a nice cupids bow. So all in all it was a good trip. Now I have a better idea in my mind of Jaron's future. I just hope Dr. Mulliken will be around long enough to care for him and if not I hope he's training some good doctors and maybe one of them will come to GA!!!