Monday, September 29, 2008

backwards day...

cheesy grin...
  helmet on backwards...he thinks its a mask!
daddy's hat! GO PATRIOTS!

getting so big...

I got a bottle for Jonah and set it down to go do something and turned around and Jacob was feeding him. He's such a good big brother.

Relaxing with Jaron...
School time. This is where he sits to do his work during school hours. We do about 4 lessons per day and it takes about 2 1/2 hours total. We take lots of breaks and lunch time and play time.

still growing...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday!

I will add more birthday pictures later after we do the cake and presents.

1st bite of food...

Happy Baby!
What's wrong with this picture? He is the size of a one year old....
Almost sitting up now without help.
Today was his first day to eat any food. It was baby oatmeal. He wasn't very fond of it.
Daddy and Jonah
This was gonna be a picture of Jonah in the highchair but Jacob like to jump into the picture at the last second and it turned out pretty good.
Party at my crib 2:00am
Trying to sneak some doritos...
In the playpen

My little monkeys

Well we got our plane tickets for Boston. October 10th is the big day. We are going to meet with the plastic surgeon and the dentist to see what they think. We need to decide if we want to do his dental work up there or here in GA. And find out when they might want to do another surgery. It will just be a one day trip. You know me I don't want to stay if I don't have to.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Cavities & Cuddling

Jaron is just getting over another ear infection. He went to Atlanta yesterday and got 3 fillings and had to get anesthesia to have them done. They also did an xray only to find that he does not seem to have his top incisers. That is the teeth beside the two front teeth. So I guess there will need to be some fake teeth put in place one day in the future. Don't really know what will happen. We are going to Boston October 10th for a team visit to talk about future surgeries for Jaron.
And this is what I wake up to most mornings. I start them all out in their own beds but Jonah does better in my bed nursing still and I seem to get more sleep as well. Then at some point during the night Jaron also ends up in my bed. It is hard at times but I do love to cuddle too.

Jonah Bologna

Hurricane Art

We met Jacob's teacher with the Georgia Virtual Academy at Chic Fil A for a "Meet and Greet". He was so excited. He got to play with other GVA kids and they had icecream and played on the play ground. We will try to get to one of these once a month if possible.
Here is Jacob's take on the hurricane recently. He drew the United States and marked Florida and Georgia then drew Louisiana and the swirling hurricane "BAM" he said there it is!

School is going great! He loves it! He tells me every day "Mommy you're such a good teacher.