Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All smiles!

Jaron has weighed approx 27 lbs. for about a year or more. I am trying to help him gain weight by supplementing with Pediasure and feeding him all day long with fruits and snacks and whatever he wants to eat really.
We went swimming at a friend of the family's house. It was fun and Jaron was so tired and almost fell asleep like this.
Sitting with Jonah...oh how he loves Jonah...he kisses him and tells me he loves him all the time. If Jonah spits up Jaron will run back to his room and get a burp cloth and wipe his mouth.
This was sunday morning all dressed for church. I said smile and Jaron was saying it too as a snapped the picture. SMILE!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Summer Fun!

We went to someone else's house that had a nice pool. The boys loved it.
We had vacation Bible school the other week at our church and Jacob had a blast!
Oh how he takes advantage of his role as "Big Brother" He is always bossing Jaron around and trying to give Jonah a bottle when he doesn't even need it. If Jonah is crying and Jacob can't get him to calm down with toys or a passy he will say "I don't know what he wants, just get him mommy".
They had fun the other day in the our little pool sliding and splashing and got a little sun too.