Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Back in the hospital

Well we took Jonah to the pediatrician yesterday for a weight check and they said he looked a little yellow so they pricked his foot for bilirubin check. His levels were 15 and they should be 9 or less. And he had also lost 1lb since birth so they put us in the hospital for IV fluids and 24 under the bili-lites. It is basically a baby tanning bed. So we left the docs office and came home for me to pack a quick overnight bag. Chris took Jonah and I back to the hospital and dropped us off. I went in and they weighed him and had to put a catheder in his penis (even though he is swollen from his circumcision) and get a urine sample. And then they had to find a good vein for an IV. Well that took 1 hour and it was horrbile. He screamed the whole time and they finally found a good on in his HEAD! Yes you read it right. He got a IV in his head. Well while they are doing this I can feel some serious swelling and noticing my milk HAS ARRIVED. I wanted to feed him so bad but had to wait until they got finished and we got in our room. But Jonah had other plans. All the screaming wore him out and all he wanted to do was sleep and was not waking up for NOBODY. So I continued to swell and was feeling a lot of pain. He eventually did nurse but not for long. The IV fluids kind took away his appetite and the jaundice made him feel sick too. So mommy just suffered. He would nurse a little off and on all night but not enough to empty me out. He laid in the baby tanning bed all night only getting out for feedings. It was not fun! So anyway they pricked his foot several more times while we were there and his levels went down and we got to come home today. He is nursing a little better and I hope my milk coming in will help him gain weight good now. So here are some more pictures of our new addition.