Monday, February 18, 2008

Winter time sickness

Well now that they share a room this is what sometimes happens at bedtime. Jaron's bed is the trundle on the floor that rolls out from under Jacob's bed. And when Chris went in to check on them the other night before leaving to work this is how they were sleeping. Jaron loves his big brother. It is so sweet but just won't work all night. Trust me I have had Jaron in my bed and he kicks and squirms and Jacob would have been in the floor before long. So we put him back in his own bed. They are getting so close lately.
And these are some little pipecleaner glasses we made for them yesterday. They loved them. So cute!!! Jaron just got over being sick. He was showing all the same symptoms Jacob had with the flu and strep throat. Since they are both very contagious and I only took Jacob to the doctor to begin with. Then Jaron got sick. They just called me in some meds for him too. Assuming he had the same thing. He was running a high fever and coughing ALL NIGHT. So glad I didn't get it!!!