Monday, February 18, 2008

Sicker than sick!!!

Cute little pipe cleaner glasses we made...
My little professors...
And last but not least, Jacob was in his first wedding. My sister got married and he was the ring bearer. He was so funny, winking at the audience and raising his eyebrows at everyone. He did very well though. Went right up on stage and stood in his place with no problems.

Last week was pretty rough though. He started running a fever of 101.8 on Tues. and I kept it down with tylenol and motrin then Wednesday I gave him more when he woke up burning up again. The medicine didn't work this time. I called the doctor and got him in and by the time we got there he was up to 103. He was swabbed for strep and flu and they both were positive. Evidently everyone in Hall county has it. So we got his meds and came home. He was feeling pretty rough for about 3 days then he seemed to get better after we got some meds in him. Thank God that is over and I didn't get it!!!

Winter time sickness

Well now that they share a room this is what sometimes happens at bedtime. Jaron's bed is the trundle on the floor that rolls out from under Jacob's bed. And when Chris went in to check on them the other night before leaving to work this is how they were sleeping. Jaron loves his big brother. It is so sweet but just won't work all night. Trust me I have had Jaron in my bed and he kicks and squirms and Jacob would have been in the floor before long. So we put him back in his own bed. They are getting so close lately.
And these are some little pipecleaner glasses we made for them yesterday. They loved them. So cute!!! Jaron just got over being sick. He was showing all the same symptoms Jacob had with the flu and strep throat. Since they are both very contagious and I only took Jacob to the doctor to begin with. Then Jaron got sick. They just called me in some meds for him too. Assuming he had the same thing. He was running a high fever and coughing ALL NIGHT. So glad I didn't get it!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Still Pregnant...

Well I haven't posted because there is nothing to say, but still pregnant. Every day is getting harder to get anything done. Walking is no fun and bending over is impossible. Jonah is getting so big and when he moves it almost hurts. I go back for a check up Wednesday. Last time she told me if I want we can induce one week early. I may take that offer. I can't imagine going another 8 weeks like this. My back is killing me and my bed is no longer an option. I sleep on the recliner now. At the last ultrasound the doctor said he is in the 90% for his growth. So that is just great!!! (sarcasm) Another HUGE baby right. It wouldn't kill either of us to go a little early. So I will post when I know more. THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Well it is official I think we can say Jaron is potty trained. He wears underwear all day long and tells me when he has to go poop and pee. I only put a diaper on him after he falls asleep at night. He even stays dry during his 2 hour nap everyday. THANK GOD. He is obviously not happy in this picture. I took the flashlight away for the picture and he was NOT HAPPY. So I gave it back but forgot to wipe the tears off. He still looks handsome.

My little artist

Jacob drew this. Notice all the details. Shoelaces tied and a basketball on the shirt. Candy cane in bottom right corner and beside that he wrote eggs.
Dressed for church...Getting so big and so smart.
Another church day. This suit is too small. This is the last time he'll be able to wear it. He has suspenders underneath and they are so handsome.