Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Eating Better

Cute little pose...Potty training is going GREAT! He is pooping in the potty every day and wearing underwear all the time. It's been great! He goes to sleep in underwear and I go in and put on a diaper after he's out. THANK GOD. We should be done with this and won't have 2 in diapers when Jonah arrives. He has also started to feed himself with his spoon and scooping it up all by himself. This is a major step for him. I have waited so long for this to happen. We are still working on the chewing foods. We massage his cheeks to stimulate the muscles that he never used to suck a bottle. Speech is another story. It's very slow going but he is making progress....I estimate he will need it for another year maybe. I don't know for sure.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The White Stuff!

We thought it would snow and sure enough we looked outside today about 5pm and it was coming down. Jacob was so excited. He asked me have I ever caught a snowflake on my tongue. He is so excited about this. I could barely get them in the bed tonight.

Here they are in the attick together. Jaron's reward for pooping in the potty!!!

Snow Snow Snow!!!

Well first let me tell you of our potty training progress. Jaron has pooped in the potty 4 times in the last 2 months. He does it only when he is ready. Usually wears underwear all day long and pees in the potty no problem. He waits until I put on his bedtime diaper to poop in it. I have spent many nights sitting my big pregnant self in the bathroom floor talking and singing to him and reading hoping he will poop....oh the things we do for our children. Oh and this first picture is one of him in the attick. He loves it! We got up there to get out some baby clothes and he can't get enough. So this is his reward when he poops in the potty...And this is what we say "No Poop, No Attick".
And today we got some snow.... This was before we left for church...
And this was when we got home...About 2 inches and it's still coming down.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Last Ultrasounds Today

Well I went this morning for my last ultrasound and Jonah looks good. His palate looks intact. His lips looks great and we are so happy. I can't wait to see him. Only 13 more weeks to go. The boys went with us and they were excited to see Jonah on the tv. They estimated he is about 2lbs. 7oz right now. He is very active and things are starting to get pretty crowded in there. I would not mind if I had him a week or two early. Thanks for all your prayers.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

One last picture in front of our tree before it comes down. These are new outfits they got for Christmas. So handsome.
And here they are enjoying their new games they got for christmas.Brotherly love....