Monday, December 03, 2007

Say Cheese!

Jaron got a new outfit and we had them all dressed for church.
So we tried to get a picture in front of the tree but Jaron couldn't wait to see it. He runs toward me before it even flashes.
And here it is. I learned to not count to 3 and just tell them to say CHEESE.

The other morning they got in my bed around 6:30am like usual. We pull up my shirt and talk to the baby. Jaron was rubbing my belly and he said "open". I said open what? "Open Mommy" I said open my belly? He said "yeah" I said you want to get the baby out? "yeah" It was so cute because he just kept rubbing my belly and kissing it. The baby kicks a lot but Jaron hasn't been still long enough to feel it.

Oh and he pooped in the potty last week. He actually told me he had to go and he did. I couldn't believe it. But each day since he waits until his bedtime diaper goes on then he poops in that.