Monday, December 03, 2007

Another Check Up

I went to the doctor last week and we heard his heartbeat again. I was having some pain in my stomach and she said he sounded like I pulled a muscle. And after thinking about it that does seem possible. I was the one climbing all over the van with the kids on our trip to FL. Or it could have happened when we went bowling. I don't know but it is all better now. It only hurt for about 3 days. Thank God that is over with. Other than the headaches my pregnancy is going good. Just like the other two. We are just anxious to see him. He kicks a lot after I eat. We still can't decide on a name. I like Jonah or Josiah and Chris likes Jace. I think we should wait until we see his face. I can't wait until Jan 9th to get more pictures of him. My next check up is Dec. 26th. I get to drink the glucose drink....yeah....and get my blood drawn to check for diabetes.