Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rabbit teeth

Here's Jacob wearing the same teeth Jaron had on in his blog pictures. Silly Boys!
Here's a cute one of them together dressed for church. I had to have Jacob hold Jaron's shoulder so he wouldn't come running toward he camera. It turned out good.
This is what happens when Jacob tries to draw or color at the counter. Or do anything for that matter. Jaron wants to be right there with him. Jaron likes to color but he also likes to throw crayons so we have to sit him in the high chair under supervision if he is going to do any kind of art work.
My big boy! I can't believe he is 5 years old. He is so heavy. I can't pick him up anymore. Sometimes he still comes in my bed in the early morning hours. He told me this last time that he wanted to get in my bed so I wouldn't have to be by myself. (daddy works 3rd shift) How sweet...He's warming up to the idea of a brother. Now that we know it's not a sister he seems to be ok with it. He did cry at first though. "I wanted a sister"

Daddy's Little Boy

Well Jaron has grown very fond of daddy over the last few months. He likes to lay in the bed with Chris and on the couch with him a lot. He go into his room and gets a blanket from his crib and brings it to the couch to lay with daddy. It's adorable.
They were ready for church but Jaron can't wait to see the picture on the camera so I said smile and he is running toward me before the camera clicked. "I wanna see!"
We got some silly teeth from a candy machine or something and thought this would a moment to capture. He walked around with them in for a few minutes. He knew it was funny. I ask Jaron "Where is mommy's baby?" and he pats my belly with both hands and says "baby belly". And he also will just come up to me at any given time and lift my shirt to kiss my belly.

It's A BOY!!!

We went back today for more pictures of the baby. The lip and nose are definately not cleft affected. THANK GOD!!! The palate looked good but it's still early to know for sure. So I go back January 9th for more definate answers about that. It is definately a BOY! We are happy with that since he does not have a cleft and we have everything we need to cloth a boy. We aren't quite set on a name yet though. We are taking suggestions. I want a "J" first initial and an "A" for second initial. Leave me a comment if you can think of any good ones.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

T-shirt Head

This is just before bedtime. So they are a little delirious and just acting silly.

Chipmunk & Bubbles

Jaron loves to eat those peanut butter morsels used to bake with. And they are great for calories since he's so little. Well this time he got a little too much in his mouth. He looks like a chipmunk.
And this was taken the other night. I tried to be cool and put a lot of bubbles for them to play. Well Jaron kept wiping his eyes and mouth with his bubble covered hands. He couldn't figure out why the bubbles wouldn't go away. It was tear free but he still didn't like the taste.
And once again a handsome little picture of them all dressed up for church. We don't always dress them alike.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Lost his first tooth (2nd really)

Well Jacob has been wiggling his bottom tooth for about a month or two now and it finally got ready to pull. Daddy helped and Jacob was glad to get it out. It is his first tooth to come out by itself but he actually knocked out the top tooth in Sept. 06 by accident.
And here they are playing and being silly. Jacob has a popsicle in his right hand and was letting Jaron lick it. Another one of those moments when they were playing nice.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Brotherly Love...

My two handsome boys playing nice together. (RARE) So cute when they do laugh and play without all the fighting.
And this is Jaron about to dive on top of Jacob on the couch. BUSTED!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ultrasounds today!!!

Well here they are. Photos of our baby on the way. These are 3D. We have a video he made us in 4D realtime but I can't download on my computer. We saw the baby yawn and move it's arms around. Hope you can tell what you are looking at here. It's kinda hard to explain. I will say the head is at the top of each picture and to the left of each, the big bright thing is the placenta. So it's like the baby is leaning up against it. Or should I say squished up against it. They did say the lip looks intact and we are pretty positive there will be no cleft lip. It is too early to tell about the palate we have to wait until I am about 28 weeks when it is calcified to see on ultrasound. As far as the sex of the baby.....well they did say that at this stage in pregnancy the female parts are swollen and extraverted (kinda) so it's hard to tell. But he still thinks from what he saw today that it is a boy. So I go back Oct. 31st for more pictures and some more definate answers.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Sweet Sleep...

Here he is resting anyway. He still only has 4 teeth on top and I think he is trying to cut some more. He keeps one whole hand in his mouth most of the time. I hope they come in before this new baby arrives. I don't want 2 of them waking up during the night. We are still potty training. We give him one M&M every time he pees in the potty and I have not been able to convince him to poop in it yet. But when he does I told him he gets 2 M&M's. He loves them and doesn't mind peeing in the potty. But sometimes I forget to take him and he doesn't know to tell me yet so we have some accidents. It is still early in the game and we have plenty of time before this baby arrives. That is my goal, to have Jaron fully potty trained before the new baby gets here. I don't want 2 in diapes. Anyway, sweet dreams I am hitting the sack!!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dogs & Bikes

Jacob sure does love Precious...he literally can't get enough of her.
And finally I got a picture of him on his birthday bike. He loves it! Now we just need to teach him to ride without training wheels.

Monthly Check Up

I went to the doctor yesterday and heard the baby's heartbeat. It was 137 bpm. I am doing good. No problems so far. Just a little tired most of the time. I go back October 25th for another check up. But my 3D ultrasound is next wednesday OCTOBER 10th. I CAN'T WAIT!!! I am so ready to find out what this baby is and if it will be cleft affected or not.