Thursday, August 23, 2007

Recovering From Surgery

Well Jacob had his tonsils & adenoids removed Aug. 14th and the recovery hasn't been very easy. It hurts to swallow and he cries in his sleep a lot with pain and wakes up nauseated a lot too. So we are trying to get past that. He is hungry but can't swallow to eat so he eats a lot of soft things like yogurt, applesauce, icecream and lots of ice cold water. He wanted me to take a picture of the track he made and thought he should lay down and be in the picture also. So here it is. One of the smaller tracks he has made. He gets very creative with these but this just shows you that he wasn't felling good that day. His bottom tooth is also lose so he'll be losing that soon. Anyway, we are expecting our third baby and Jacob is already talking to my belly and I am only 7 weeks. He wants a sister but is quick to tell anyone who asks, "We don't know yet". He is excited that mom is getting another baby. When he is fully recovered I plan to start a homeschool routine with him so we can get on a schedule. He actually doesn't have to start until next year because he won't be 5 on Sept. 1st. But I would like to start him now on some basic things. Sorry it took so long to post. I will try to get some more pictures this week.