Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Chocolate Donuts!

Another creative train track that he insisted I get a picture of it.
We let him have a donut with chocolate icing and he got it all over his face.
This is what I got when I said "Smile"
No for real just smile normal.

Jacob is getting so sweet. He tells me all the time he loves the baby in my belly. He told me the other day "Mommy you can't eat food you have a baby in your belly."

Chris took him to the fleamarket last weekend and he said "Daddy, A-T-M, what does that say?"
Chris told him it is a machine where you put in your card and push the buttons and it gives you some money. To which, Jacob (with his brilliant mind) responded, "I want one of those."

He is all better from tonsils surgery and back to eating normal foods again. Now he wakes up at night with leg pains. I guess it's growing pains. It won't be long and I am sure he'll be taller than me.