Thursday, August 23, 2007

Better Late Than Never

Well I usually try to post every week but have been a very big slacker and waited almost 3 weeks this time. Jaron is doing good with therapy and seems to be getting a little taller just not gaining any weight still. We are expecting our 3rd child so Mommy has been a little tired. Not to mention Jacob had his tonsils taken out and the recovery has not been easy.
So here they are laying together on the couch early in the morning. Jaron is learning to make new sounds in speech therapy and has started picking up his spoon some to feed himself. Things are progressing. He has also started to chew some things too so that was exciting! Sorry it took so long to post I know there are some grandparents out there who were patiently waiting. Oh and I can't forget to mention we have been trying to potty train him also so things have been kinda crazy around here.