Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Chocolate Donuts!

Another creative train track that he insisted I get a picture of it.
We let him have a donut with chocolate icing and he got it all over his face.
This is what I got when I said "Smile"
No for real just smile normal.

Jacob is getting so sweet. He tells me all the time he loves the baby in my belly. He told me the other day "Mommy you can't eat food you have a baby in your belly."

Chris took him to the fleamarket last weekend and he said "Daddy, A-T-M, what does that say?"
Chris told him it is a machine where you put in your card and push the buttons and it gives you some money. To which, Jacob (with his brilliant mind) responded, "I want one of those."

He is all better from tonsils surgery and back to eating normal foods again. Now he wakes up at night with leg pains. I guess it's growing pains. It won't be long and I am sure he'll be taller than me.

Growing together...

Jaron was sitting on our bed with Daddy looking at the baseball card cute...
And here they are my handsome little boys ready for church Wednesday night. They are growing up so fast.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Recovering From Surgery

Well Jacob had his tonsils & adenoids removed Aug. 14th and the recovery hasn't been very easy. It hurts to swallow and he cries in his sleep a lot with pain and wakes up nauseated a lot too. So we are trying to get past that. He is hungry but can't swallow to eat so he eats a lot of soft things like yogurt, applesauce, icecream and lots of ice cold water. He wanted me to take a picture of the track he made and thought he should lay down and be in the picture also. So here it is. One of the smaller tracks he has made. He gets very creative with these but this just shows you that he wasn't felling good that day. His bottom tooth is also lose so he'll be losing that soon. Anyway, we are expecting our third baby and Jacob is already talking to my belly and I am only 7 weeks. He wants a sister but is quick to tell anyone who asks, "We don't know yet". He is excited that mom is getting another baby. When he is fully recovered I plan to start a homeschool routine with him so we can get on a schedule. He actually doesn't have to start until next year because he won't be 5 on Sept. 1st. But I would like to start him now on some basic things. Sorry it took so long to post. I will try to get some more pictures this week.

Better Late Than Never

Well I usually try to post every week but have been a very big slacker and waited almost 3 weeks this time. Jaron is doing good with therapy and seems to be getting a little taller just not gaining any weight still. We are expecting our 3rd child so Mommy has been a little tired. Not to mention Jacob had his tonsils taken out and the recovery has not been easy.
So here they are laying together on the couch early in the morning. Jaron is learning to make new sounds in speech therapy and has started picking up his spoon some to feed himself. Things are progressing. He has also started to chew some things too so that was exciting! Sorry it took so long to post I know there are some grandparents out there who were patiently waiting. Oh and I can't forget to mention we have been trying to potty train him also so things have been kinda crazy around here.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Clowning Around

This hat is so silly and when we go to our friends house he likes to walk around with it on all day. He knows it is silly and will just look at you so serious.
Here are my little patriots fans! And notice Jaron, like always, On the move!!! He was running toward the camera.
And this was taken last night before we left for church. They look so cute in that orange. Jaron is starting to potty train as of today. He peed in the potty before his bath tonight and I put underwear on him afterwards. He wet 2 pairs of underwear and peed in the toilet 4 or 5 times before bedtime. We'll see how long it takes him to get the hang of it. He is still only 25lbs. He has started chewing some and puts the spoon to his mouth only when told. The only vegetable he will put in his mouth willingly is peas. (you know it's a green ball) I know it is all behavioral but we have to get past it. So we are still doing therapy once a week for feeding and once a week for speech. He is trying to talk more too. Until next time...

Patriots Fans!

And here they are "Daddy's little patriots!"
Of course he wanted a picture of the clown hat after brother got his taken.
And this is what happens when you leave a laundry basket on the coffee table and leave the room at my house. They were CRACKING UP LAUGHING!!!