Monday, July 30, 2007

Our Vacation

We were on our way out the door for church and I had to get a picture with my "Big J".
Jacob went fishing for the first time on vacation and caught 2 fish. This is one of them. He didn't want to touch it though.
And here is is with his great grandpa reading the paper. He said "mommy you have to be quiet we are reading the newspaper".
Oh and on the plane on the way home he said "Mommy I want to get out on the wing" I said Jacob do you see anyone else out there? You will never make it buddy.
And this morning after eating his cereal he proceeding to put his bowl in the sink as usual but went the extra step by getting the wash rag and wiping up the milk he spilt on the counter and put the wash cloth back in the sink. He is growing up too fast! Vacation was good but it's always nice to be back home.

Our Vacation

Here I am holding my handsome little man walking out the door for church.
And this is in the airport in Boston. A kids play area. I don't think he was supposed to stand on this, but you know Jaron he will climb on anything possible. He jumped off several times too!
This was also in the play are for kids in the airport. Here they are taking flying lessons. Or should I say jumping out of planes lessons. Jaron couldn't sit still.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Another Cool Dude!

And of course since Jaron got a picture with my glasses Jacob wanted one too. They are both so funny and they know what it takes to make mommy smile. Jacob went to the dentist Tuesday and they said it might be a while before his top tooth comes in but he should be losing the bottom front teeth soon. No cavities!!! Oh and he has also been complaining of leg pain at night so I explained to him it is growing pains and he is so excited he is growing. He tells everyone about it.

Cool Dude!

Jaron can't resist Mommy's sunglassed. These are the latest ones and he looks hilarious in them!!!
And here are the boys all dressed up for church. Obviously not feeling good. They never sit still like this anymore. Jaron has an ear infection and congested and Jacob is coughing and congested too.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

July 4th (too loud)

And here they are...they dangerous duo. They are so sweet when they are sleeping. This was at granna's house on July 4th. Jacob said "look mommy we are twins" as he laid down beside him. It took him about 3 seconds to fall asleep after a late night of fireworks and lots of excitement. He was loving it! But when I kissed him goodnight he said "Mommy, I don't like fireworks." What!?!?!? I thought you loved them. He said "No they are too loud". Oh well better luck next year. He has been using some big words lately like calculations and actually and lots of others. He has started asking me why and what about everything. It's official he is at the "WHY" stage. It's driving me crazy but I am trying to be patient and explain everything. Like why are the yellow lines on the road? and What is a knee? And what does lie mean? He loves to walk around the house with a pen and paper writing notes and bossing Jaron around. And if he could have it his way, he would ride his scooter from sun up to sun down. Rain or Sunshine. He has fallen in love with the girls in the previous pictures and wakes up asking to go see them. So all I can say is Watch World cause here he comes!

Swimming July 4th

We went to Jaron's Granna's house for July 4th and this is what the boys did all day. Jaron loves the water, no matter how ice cold it is. This is right when he stepped in, notice he is sucking in because it took his breath. But he still played in it for an hour or more.

He didn't get a nap today so he went to bed at 7pm before it was even dark so maybe next year he can see some fire works. He sure did have fun though once we hooked up this slide into the pool.

Right now he is sick though. He hasn't been sleeping good at night, waking up 2 or 3 times a night and messing with his ears alot. Also he is chewing on the coffee table a lot and the window seals. He is trying to cut his pointy teeth on the bottom and some on top too I think. It's hard to get a look in his mouth anymore. He won't sit still long enough. So I took him to the doctor today and they said yes his ears are infected and he is on amoxicillin for 10 days. Also they gave me so samples of decongestant/antihistamine for the green sinus and nasal drainage he is having. I hope he feels better soon cause this lack of sleep is about to kill me!

On a more positive note he is smarter than I realized. He was pointing out all the shapes at the doctor today. I draw shapes for him all the time but when weren't even talking about them and he just started saying "oval, square, circle." I almost fell out of my chair. THat's my boy. And we have taught him to say "I two" but if you ask him how old he is he'll say "five" and hold up 5 fingers with a big grin. He can also count to five on his fingers and he knows all the colors. He might not be able to talk very good but he can still learn.